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PRONIC in-die solutions
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PRONIC’s solutions for tapping include modules for: in-die tapping, as well as in-line tapping or if necessary, off-line tapping machines to use away from the press.

Since every tapping project is unique, PRONIC’s goal is to provide the best possible approach to your application. Our goals are to lower your production costs and also the investment costs for the life of your application.

PRONIC can offer simple tapping processes by offering unique approaches. Our PRONIC team of experts is at your service and can help you choose the best-possible solution. We can also design the integration of this tapping process and will be happy to answer all of your tapping questions.

Fastening points, thanks to the processing of sheet metal, can be produced in many different ways.
Extruding the metal for the tapped hole provides mechanical and economical advantages in comparison to other processes:

Tapped extrusions are a favorite!

Examples of extruded:
tapped holes with technical specifi cations

In some cases we choose to offer a solution with a guided tap system, which is based on our patented template gear technology.
The template gear can support one or multiple spindles at the same time.
The synchronic movement of spindles rotation and translation of the template gear is done by the gears.
This combination creates perfectly synchronic screw motion.
This technology has the same advantages as the cartridge technology, and at the same time enables tapping with smaller distance centers, as well as fine thread pitches. It is also recommended for high speed stamping.

The transmission, fastened on the lower shoe and lubricated by bath of oil, transforms the linear motion of the press ram into a rotation movement inside the tapping head.
The transmission is equipped with a grooved shaft which allows the tapping head to follow the vertical movement of the strip.
This confi guration enables to make a simple and economic tool.
These transmissions are universal and can be used in several tools
The quick installation kit delivered with the transmission allows for quick die change and facilitate maintenance.
The position of the transmission is locked with an indexing pin.

PRONIC wishes to remain your partner also when it comes to the future security of your applications.
In order to do so we offer you the following service:
• Online service during 5 working days a week
• Repairs with the shortest time of return delivery
• Fee for maintaining your PRONIC units, for the optimum efficiency and operation of your tapping unit, with the guarantee of the return delivery during just one week
• Maintenance training for your staff by our assembly department at PRONIC’s headquarters
Our team is
at your service!
We do everything which is needed for your PRONIC tapping unit
Use, maintenance and repairs are coordinated by means of the serial number of our units.
If you have service questions after your purchase, you will only need to note the number on the ID badge of the head of the tapping unit and give it to us:

We are then able to provide you with matching spare-parts in the shortest possible time.