Product Details

Multi-Slide Die Casting

  • Specification:Multi-Slide Die Casting
  • We provide full capability of manufacturing the multi-slide die casting parts. Clients can count on us in manufacturing high quality molds and casting parts targeted specifically for their needs.

Product Description

We provide OEM zinc parts production services for the following industries: 
  • TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Connectors, retainers, brackets
  • AUTOMOTIVE: Car locks, key fob components
  • FASHION: Zippers and accessories
  • CONSTRUCTION: Simple tools, accessories
  • MANUFACTURING: Tools, jigs
  • ELECTRONICS: Computer peripherals, frames, back plates

We are able to produce parts with finishes that can reach and even surpass the conventional die casting machines.

Our Service

T-SOK provides high-quality products  with competitive prices, as well as a series of technical services, so our customers can stay ahead of their competitive market. 
For more information, please contact us to see how we can help your business and brands.